How to pick the perfect gym partner

When I go to the gym I have a pretty simple routine. IN – WORKOUT – OUT. I have never been one of those people that goes to the gym to socialize. I don’t like talking too much while I’m … Read More

Top 3 beginner tips for working out

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How alcohol affects your performance

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Why and How to Deadlift?

When I first started training, I hated deadlifts.   My trainer would tried teaching me to bend my knees, or focus on driving something from the floor and all I was thinking was: what does driving have to do with … Read More

How to apply mind-muscle connection for better muscle growth?

MUSCLE TO MIND CONNECTION   About a year ago, I noticed that regardless of my hard work at the gym to get bigger glutes, only my legs were getting bigger. My glutes showed very little difference. I used to have … Read More

11 Healthy Snacks for busy people

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