What is health?

What is health? You see the word practically every time you blink your eyes now. On the labels of the latest new organic tea drinks, in the description taglines under food choices on restaurant menus, and so on and so … Read More

Why isn’t your body changing?

WHY YOUR BODY IS NOT CHANGING   Training only for aesthetics and to make your body look a certain way, is the hardest route to get to where you want. Now, a lot of people are going to disagree with … Read More

Benefits of cold water showers

  I know how hard it is to get into cold water, especially if is the morning time. I’ve always loved my hot showers, BUT I found out that cold showers are highly beneficial for our bodies.   And even … Read More

How to pick the perfect gym partner

When I go to the gym I have a pretty simple routine. IN – WORKOUT – OUT. I have never been one of those people that goes to the gym to socialize. I don’t like talking too much while I’m … Read More

How alcohol affects your performance

Whether you do it once, or over a  long period, drinking too much alcohol affects your body and health in many negative ways: Bone weakness Kidney disease Cancer (throat, liver, breast, intestine) Brain damage Heart disease Lung infections Stomach ulcers … Read More