The Real Secret to Looking Toned: Nutrition (Part III)

  Does it ever feel like you spend way more time than you should having to think about food? What you should eat and shouldn’t eat; how many meals you should eat; which foods are best for fat loss; what’s best for improving overall … Read More

The Real Secret to Looking Toned: Recovery Time (Part II)

Recovery Time Hey guys,   In the previous article about “looking toned” I explained the importance of muscles for an athletic physique. I also explained how to stimulate your muscles and what intensity and type of exercises to perform in … Read More

Banana Protein Pancakes

Banana Protein Pancakes   These are packed with protein and nutritious carbohydrate. Perfect for a healthy breakfast, or as a pre or post-workout meal.   INGREDIENTS 1 medium ripe banana 3 large eggs whites ⅓ cup oats Half tsp cinnamon … Read More

The Real Secret to Looking Toned: The Training (Part 1)

I want to look toned!   “How do I do it?” ” How can I start?” “What do I eat?” “What exercises should I do?” “How about cardio?” ” How much protein?” “How much calories?” “Nothing is workiiiing, help me!” … Read More

Bikini Prep – Week 3

Bikini Competition Prep Experiment   What’suppp guys,   Week 3 was successfully completed.   MENTALLY   I think it’s the peak performance time of the month because I feel strong, awake and have lots of energy. I really smashed this … Read More

Bikini Prep – Week 2

Bikini Competition Prep Experiment   Week 2   What up guys, one more week done.   I think I forgot to mention last post that my training and diet is going to be changing every week, so this is my … Read More

Bikini Prep – Week 1

Bikini Competition Prep Experiment   Week 1   One week done! Yaaasssss 😀   So firstly I would like to show you guys exactly what I’m doing in terms of nutrition and training. This is my training routine for the … Read More

8 Week Bikini Prep Experiment

Ok. So I have a lot of clients coming to me and asking if I can train them for bikini competitions.   I’m gonna be very honest here and please don’t get me wrong but I’m personally not an advocate … Read More

What is health?

What is health? You see the word practically every time you blink your eyes now. On the labels of the latest new organic tea drinks, in the description taglines under food choices on restaurant menus, and so on and so … Read More

How much food should be on your plate?

  That’s the most frequent question I get! What should I eat every day? What do you mean by hand size portion? What are the good carbs? What is the best types of protein? How many times can I drink … Read More