Tips on keeping fit during the pandemic

How can you stay active and physically fit during this period of “social distancing”?


Staying fit can keep you healthy physically, but exercise also boosts your mental health, too. There are lots of ways you can get a good workout at home, and many reasons why you should do it. So here is my best tips to keep you moving while doing your part to flatten the COVID-19 curve:


  1. Stretch. Stretching can help with blood circulation and it will keep your joints healthy! Try not to sit in one place all day.
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  2. Take the time to do the things you don’t usually have time to do at home. Re-paint the walls that needed, spring clean the whole place, declutter your wardrobe, paint the table, do a little spa routine to take care of yourself,  whatever keeps you moving really.
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  3. Join online exercise classes and workouts. Many trainers are providing LIVE sessions you can do from home with them, YouTube has also videos on a wide range of different types of exercise, many of which you don’t even need any equipment. You can even get into video-calls with your PT to help you stay accountable!IMG_6572
  4. Learn something new. Now is time to learn things you usually don’t have the time for. Learn how to cook new foods, learn another language, upskill within your field or in anything you have an interest on. The best thing is that you can find everything you need online. 
  5. Use music. Music can be a great motivator for getting active. Put together a playlist of your favorite songs to listen to while you dance, walk, or do active housework.
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  6. Eat well. It’s important to continue to have good nutrition so you can stay healthy! Planning ahead and having healthy options available can help you stay on track and not eat out of boredom.
  7. Stay connected. Enjoy the great moments you have right now with your family, make it fun. Learn to cook new recipes with your grandmother, perhaps do cooking night Themes (each family member has to cook something different each night), play cards, dress up nights, watch a series together, etc.
    Start an online group with friends so you can keep in touch with everyone else too.

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    Whenever you are, I hope you are safe and happy!
    And remember, you are not alone!

    Magda Rodrigues

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