Bikini Prep – Week 2

Bikini Competition Prep Experiment


Week 2


What up guys, one more week done.


I think I forgot to mention last post that my training and diet is going to be changing every week, so this is my training routine for week 2 which consists of 3 lower body, 2 upper body workouts and 6 cardio sessions.


QUICK REMINDER : This is an experimental journey. I’m NOT recommending you to do this workout routine or eat the same things I’m eating because every person has different needs. If you are preparing for a comp, you should be speaking to a qualified coach to tailor your own program.


Monday (Glutes)


  • CARDIO: 20min HIIT cardio (Sprints or Bike) – on empty stomach


  • Then breakfast and back to the gym for the weight session


A1. Elevated Hip thursts 4×25
A2. Superset with Skipping 30sec


B1. Lateral Donkey Kicks with ankle weights 4×20(each leg)
B2. Skipping 30sec


C3. Cable kickbacks 4×12
C4. Skipping 30sec


D1. Glute bridges 4×50
D2. Skiping 30sec

(If you don’t know what a SUPERSET is, that’s when you do exercise A first, then move straight into exercise A2 with no rest in between. Once you finish both exercises than you can rest).


Tuesday (Upper body)


A1. DB Shoulder Press 4×20
A2. DB upright rows 4×20


B1. Seated wide grip rows 4×20
B2. DB pullovers 4×20


C1. DB curls 4×20
C2. Triceps rope extension 4×20


  • CARDIO: 30 min on Elliptical Machine


Wednesday (CARDIO)


  • CARDIO: 20 min HIIT on empty stomach + 20 min Skipping


Thursday (Glutes)


A1. Flutter Kicks 5x90sec
A2. Jump Squats 3x30sec


B1. Smith machine Narrow stance squats 5×15

B2. Plyo Step Ups 3x30sec


C1. Lateral Donkey kicks with anckle weights 5×25
C2. Jumping Lunges 3x30sec


D1. Cable Pull throws 2×10,8,6 (increasing weight)
D2. Ice Skatters 30sec


  • CARDIO: 20 min steady run, 20 min walking on high incline.



Friday (Upper body)


  • CARDIO: 20min HIIT on empty stomach.


  • Then breakfast and back to the gym for weight session.


A1. DB shoulder press 4×12
A2. Skipping 30sec


2x sprints on Elliptical


B1. Straight Bar curls 4×12
B2. Tricep rope extension 4×12

B3. Skipping 30 sec


2x sprints on Elliptical


C1. Seated rows 4×12
C2. DB chest press on balls 4x1min

C3. Skipping 30sec


Saturday (Legs)


A1. DB curtsy lunge to lunge 4×12 each side
A2. Ice skaters 4×30ec


B1. DB deadlifts 4×20
B2. Plyometric Step Ups 4x30sec


C1. Glute Hamstring raises 4×15
C2. Jumping Squats 4×30sec


D1. Hip abduction with bands 4×25
D2. Jumping lunges 4×30 sec


  • CARDIO: 30min HIIT in the afternoon



Sunday – REST DAY




The training routine this week was more dynamic than last week, most of the workouts had a little skipping in between sets, which kept my heart rate up the whole time.


There is a lot of isolation work on specific muscles and a lot of sets and reps which I personally do not enjoy doing it.


I also noticed that my strength is definitely negatively affected. I would not be able to lift a 130kg hip thrusts like before, even if I wanted, which makes me think that I’m probably losing muscle mass too, but I guess that’s part of it. Does anybody have any comments on that?


Another thing I noticed this week is that to do this program you need a lot of free time (for cooking, training and cardio). The average worker with a normal job would really struggle to fit this routine into their lifestyle while still keeping sane.


This week honestly felt like a chore, I wasn’t excited to go to the gym, once a day is fine, but 2, 3 times a day is pushing it. I’m committed to this so I will finish it and get final conclusions at the end no matter what, but I have to admit, it is very taxing.




Now, the cardio sessions are always hard, especially when you are under calories and sore already.


Different to last week I was not feeling happy, awake and healthy after my cardio sessions. In fact, in the middle of the week I started getting really tired, my heart beat was elevated and I knew something was coming, but I still pushed myself, did all my work, and surely enough, by friday night I was wrecked. I woke up in the middle of the night and could not sleep again until 5am.


On Saturday morning I had to cancel my clients because I was really sick. I didn’t do my Saturday workout, just spent my whole weekend in bed with a sore throat, headaches, fever, runny nose and just feeling like crap.


I don’t know if im being a pussy or if the stress on my body and mind is a little too much yet. I’ve also heard it’s coming to the change in seasons here in Bali and the cold is going around, so that could just be a coincidence, who knows.




I cooked my main meals on Sunday for 3 days and then repeated the cooking all again on Thursday for another 3 days in advance.


I’m not going to lie, I did have a few “cheat meals” on Saturday when I was feeling sick, I truly needed to re-charge my body so I could get better. It wasn’t bad, it was just some extra carbs. I had a Thai Chicken Green Curry and WeetBix ( some of you may be reading this and think I’m crazy by calling these cheat meals haha but it is outside of my diet plan).


This was my food routine for the week:


As you can see below, we cut the carbs from the 2 last meals of the day, everyday, which I believe is the reason why this week I was craving, particularly bread and naughty food way more than the first week.


I was actually frustrated at times this week because even though I was hungry and looking forward to some good food, I was never able to satisfy my taste buds and the pre-cooked, plain meals had started to become dull.


Meal 1:

  • 1/3 cup oatmeal
  • 1 whole egg + 4 egg whites
  • 1 cup spinach


Meal 2:

  • 3 oz of chicken
  • 1 cup of veges
  • 1 rice cake
  • 2oz avocado


Meal 3 (after gym):

  • 1 4.5 oz chicken
  • 1/3 cup rice
  • 1 cup green veges

    (I tried that for a couple of days, but honestly I cannot eat that much chicken and eggs in one day, so I had instead my Protein shake + apple)

Meal 4:

  • 4 oz ground turkey
  • 1 cup veges
  • 10 almonds


Meal 5:

  • 4 egg whites
  • 10 almonds


Here are a few photos of some of my meals from this last week:







This is me a week ago on the left and now, 7 days later:
(Sorry i had to use another bikini because my green one was at the laundry).




As far as im concerned, the changes are minimal. The overall theme is definitely that everything is getting a little tighter and trimmer but I don’t see a huge difference from last week. When comparing from the first week you can definitely start to see a more radical change but I will save that for the end of the adventure. The lighting was slightly different today as well as it’s raining here.


All in all, despite my complaining about the food, time and cardio, I am excited to see the finish line and go through all the motions on these next 6 weeks.

I am a little grumpier in general which is understandable but I’m hoping this first 2 weeks was just the adjustment effect taking place and next week I can possibly find a better rhythm.



Thank you for reading,

See you all next Monday xxxx

Wish me luck <3

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