Bikini Prep – Week 1

Bikini Competition Prep Experiment


Week 1


One week done! Yaaasssss 😀


So firstly I would like to show you guys exactly what I’m doing in terms of nutrition and training.

This is my training routine for the week which consist of 3 lower body, 3 upper body workouts and 4 cardio sessions to start with.


QUICK REMINDER : This is an experimental journey. I’m NOT recommending you to do this workout routine or eat the same things I’m eating because every person has different needs. If you are preparing for a comp, you should be speaking to a qualified coach to tailor your own program.



Monday (Glutes)


  • CARDIO: 20min HIIT cardio (Sprints or Bike) – on empty stomach


  • Then breakfast and back to the gym for the weight session


A1. Kneeling Squats on Smith Machine 4×12
A2. Superset with Banded Side Steps 4x30sec


B1. DB Split Squats 4×10 (each leg)
B2. Superset with Elevated Hip thrusts 4×20


C3. Hip thrusts 4×20
C4. Superset with Flutter Kicks with ankle weights 4x1min


D1. Cable pull throughs 4×15
D2. Superset with Donkey kicks with ankle weight 4×25 (each leg)

(If you don’t know what a SUPERSET is, that’s when you do exercise A first, then move straight into exercise A2 with no rest in between. Once you finish both exercises than you can rest).



Tuesday (Back/Shoulder and ABS)


A1. DB Shoulder Press 5×10
A2. Straight Arm Lat pulls with the rope 5×10


B1. DB Front raise 5×10
B2. DB Bent over Row 5×10


C1. DB Arnold Press 5×10
C2. Wide grip high rows 5×10


D1. Straight arm upright rows 5×10
D2. DB Single arm bent over rows 5×10


  • ABS circuit as soon as I finish the training OR later on the same day in the afternoon:


A1. Crunches on Ball 4×25
A2. Reverse crunch on incline bench 4×20
A3. Planks on Ball 4x45sec



Wednesday (Glutes and ABS)


  • CARDIO: 20 min HIIT on empty stomach
  • Then breakfast and back to the gym for the weight session.


A1. DB Sumo Squats 4×20
A2. Hip Thrusts 4×25


B1. Lateral donkey kicks with ankle weights 4×12 (each side)
B2. Flutter kicks with ankle weights 4x1min


C1. RB Glute bridges with Clams 4×20
C2. Glute/hamstring raises 4×15


D1. Lower Back extensions 4×12
D2. Caple pull throughs 4×10


  • ABS as soon as I finish glutes or in the afternoon:

A1. V UPS 4x45sec
A2. Sit ups on incline bench 4×20


Thursday (Shoulder/Arms)


A1. Shoulder press machine 5×10
A2. Bicep curls with bar 5×10


B1. Db Lateral Raises 5×10
B2. Tricep Rope Extensions 5×10


C1. Front raises with cable 5×10
C2. Preacher Curls 5×10


D1. DB Front raises 5×10
D2. Cable triceps kick backs 5×10


  • CARDIO: 20 min steady run, 20 min walking on high incline.



Friday (Legs)


  • CARDIO: 20min HIIT on empty stomach.


  • Then breakfast and back to the gym for weight session.


A1. Cable pull throughs 4×15
A2. Elevated Hip thrusts 4×20


B1. Ham curls 4×12
B2. Fire hydrants with bands 4x1min


C1. DB elevated curtsy lunges 4×12
C2. Side steps with band 4x1min


Saturday – Upper body (lighter weight/higher tempo)


A1. Straight arm lat pulls with rope 4×25
A2. DB pull overs 4×25


B1. Cable bicep curls 4×25
B2. Cable triceps extensions 4×25


C1. Seated wide grip rows 4×25
C2. DB triceps extensions 4×25


D1. DB hammer curls to shoulder press 4×25
D2.T-BAR high rows 4×25


  • CARDIO: 20 min steady run, 20 min walking on incline.



Sunday – REST DAY




Feedback in regards to training I have to say it’s very different from what I am used to. I love big compound lifts that work your whole body such as squats, deadlifts, push ups, chin ups, etc.


With this workout there is a lot of isolation work on specific muscles and a lot of sets and reps which makes the training let’s say, a little bit tedious. It also feels like I’m not training for performance such as power, strength, balance, coordination, etc which is what I love the most about training. That’s one of the most mentally challenging constructs about the training itself. It’s not actually physically challenging for me, it just takes a lot of mental concentration and patience haha to stick to the high volume repetition (4-5 sets each with 20 reps or so).


I’m also scared that the combination of hitting my glutes 3 times a week, with lighter load than what I usually do and not eating enough, will make me lose my glute mass.


What has always worked best for my body whenever I was cutting, was keeping the weights heavy while introducing cardio and slightly changing my diet. I don’t usually perform lighter weight, higher reps, but in saying that, I also never trained for a competition and maybe that’s what your body requires pre-comp. I guess I have to step out of the box, give it a go and see what happens. Worse case scenario at least I tried something differenT, tested my body in new ways and can assess results afterwards.




Now, the cardio sessions were haaaard, especially the ones on an empty stomach. I had to forget about how hungry and sleepy I was, just put my shoes on and run to the gym before I change my mind haha.

Pushing myself through the sprints were difficult on an empty stomach, because I haven’t done this in a while and find myself constantly digging deep to find energy. My expectation is your conditions quickly once you start doing it more often.


What I liked the most about this part though is, once it was all done, I felt really awake, happy, healthy and ready for the day. Nothing better than releasing some endorphins first thing in the morning.


Throughout the week I did feel more tired and sore than usual. It wasn’t too bad, I believe it was just my body adapting to the new training and food.




Now my food was pretty much the same every single day. I cooked my main meals on Sunday for 3 days and then repeated the cooking all again on Thursday for another 3 days in advance. I don’t really like leaving food in the fridge for too long, especially meat, so I rather cook twice a week instead but I know some other athletes do full week prep.


This is my food routine for the first week, apparently we are going to start cutting out the carbs more from next week onwards:


Meal 1:

  • 1/3 cup oatmeal
  • 1 whole egg + 4 egg whites
  • 1 cup spinach


Meal 2:

  • 1/3 cup rice
  • 2 oz avocado
  • 4 oz egg whites


Meal 3 (after gym):

  • 1 scoop protein shake + apple

Meal 4:

  • 5 oz chicken breast
  • ½ cup red rice
  • 1 cup broccoli


Meal 5:

  • 4 oz mince or 5oz grilled fish
  • 4 oz sweet potato
  • 5 asparagus


Meal 6: (before bed – only if hungry)

  • Protein shake with 10 almonds


YEYYYY. It sounds delicious I bet haha. Meanwhile I watch my man stuffing his face with all the glorious food I used to love. This is one of the hardest mental challenges…as always.

Here are a few photos of some of my meals from this last week:


IMG_5620     IMG_5619

IMG_5618      IMG_5617



I think it’s important to mention here that everything was cooked real clean and plain, with limited salt, oil or sauces. You have to remember that small additions to your meal can result in significant increases in calories.


On the first day it felt like I was eating a lot of carbs and I was feeling really full and bloated.  This became better on the second day and by the third day I was actually enjoying my meals.

I had no problem sticking to it as its all ready to go, so convenience is important. It definitely holds me from cheating or snacking on other food.

There was a good amount of carbs this week too so I guess that’s why I’m not craving anything else yet.

And It’s also my first week and i’d be an absolute failure if I gave in already ahaha. One week down, 7 to go, c’mmonnnn!




This is me a week ago when I started my program and this is me today, 7 days later.


Aesthetically speaking you can start seeing slight adjustments to the overall look. In the side profile you can see under my arm there is a little fat loss, my mid section profile is tightening up and glutes and legs are showing hints of muscularity.


In the images with my back to you, you can see that my back and waist area have started to become a little more defined and my bum is showing less sag and becoming tighter on the bottom and the side.


I forgot to weight myself on Monday. (I know….stupid) but I did weigh myself yesterday (55.7kg) so we can start from there.


Hopefully I explained everything well. If you have any questions please leave in the comments bellow and wish me luck for this next week! xxx <3

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  1. Christina

    I’m so excited to follow you on this journey. I’m a trainer too and the world of bikini figure comp has always amazed me.

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