8 Week Bikini Prep Experiment

Ok. So I have a lot of clients coming to me and asking if I can train them for bikini competitions.


I’m gonna be very honest here and please don’t get me wrong but I’m personally not an advocate for it. While i have a lot of friends who compete professionally, I in fact,  do not relate bikini competitions to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle at all.


However, I don’t like talking bad about something without actually knowing each stage of it and understanding everything intimately. We tend to bad on things out of ignorance and tone honest in my personal experience, I am ignorant as I never been through this process entirely with full conviction.


Therefore, I’m committing to an intensive 8 week training schedule and will eat and train exactly as the pros do. I have met with one of my friends and personal trainer who is a former bikini WFF competitor and she has provided me the food and training prescription she followed to win.


I want to take you guys on this journey with me, so I will be posting honest articles every week on this blog and on my instagram to talk about the whole process and the ups and downs I may encounter physically and emotionally.


Hopefully I can educate myself and you on the topic.


Wish me luck! My favourite foods will be missed hahaha


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