Top 5 tips for eating healthy when everyone around isn’t


How difficult is it to eat healthy when everyone around you is constantly eating bad stuff? I’m very familiar with this situation because I live with someone who is always “cheating”.


My boyfriend Paul is the guy who taught me how to eat well. He explained everything, the appropriate portion sizes, why do we need to eat carbs, what is processed food, what are cheat meals, what is the best time to eat protein, etc.


But, as much as he knows about all this, he still LOVES food and would never give up his favourites such as bread, cheese, pasta, cream, cookies and some oreos every now and then before bed, just for the sake of being “ripped” and I think that’s fair enough.


I, however, cannot afford to eat that much “bad” stuff on a roll, without getting little extra fat everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I do cheat .. and quite a lot, to be honest, but I don’t like doing it too often because it gets me out of my rhythm.. a little bit today, another bite another day, some cookies on the weekend and when I realise … I haven’t been consistent with my diet for a month.


Thanks God, at least I haven’t stopped going to the gym! I do lift heavy weights 6x a week, but for someone who doesn’t workout as much, a little bit extra crap food here and there DOES count at the end of the course!


So here are my top 5 tips if you want to keep healthy, regardless of what others are eating next to you.


  1. Meal prep. I know that it is annoying to think about and cook everything beforehand, plus the fact that sometimes you just don’t feel like that food. BUT trust me! It does work! If my boyfriend comes back home with a box of donuts and I’m hungry and have nothing else to eat, I will definitely snack on it before even thinking about it.Now, if I have my food ready for me in the fridge, I will just quickly grab it and eat it so I feel satisfied and probably by the time I finish my meal, he has finished all the donuts ha ha.
  2. Stay away from the bad food. I mean it! If there are people eating something you are not supposed to eat just next to you, and you know you are about to give in, get distracted with something else. Don’t hang around the table looking and smelling the food and watching them enjoying themselves eating! That will make it harder for you not to want that!
  3. Throw all the naughty foods in the cupboard away. If you don’t have it at home, you won’t look for it and think about it all the time. Even if you do … you’ll actually have to get ready, get out of your house and go get it. Probably by the time you are ready you’ll think whether it’s really worth it, and will most likely change your mind.
  4. Learn how to ignore whatever people say, because they will say things like “one little cookie won’t make any difference”, “oh you are such an extremist, you don’t socialise anymore” “why are you being so strict? Are you gonna compete or something?” “this is silly! You have to live and enjoy your life”.Trust me!!! They will try so hard that will make you angry, but you just need to ignore it and stick to your plan.
  1. Try finding other “healthy” alternatives that may trick your mind. Feel like something sweet? Make some protein peanut butter balls! Feel like a pizza? Make a pizza at home with wholegrain tortilla as a base and just a little bit of cheese with chicken and spices. You will feel satisfied and NOT guilty once you finished.


Then if nothing works! And you are still craving! Ok, maybe it’s time for a cheat meal. And don’t be too harsh on yourself. Cheat meals are great to keep us sane.


No food is forbidden or “bad”. You CAN eat anything you feel like, whenever you feel like, because that’s your own body and life. It’s just a personal choice to eat or don’t. So if you choose to not eat, than find ways to stick to it! Now if you choose to eat, than just eat, enjoy it and relax.
The problem is when you choose not to eat, but you end up eating for whatever reason that may have been and than feeling quilty and shitty afterwards. Don’t. Choose from the bottom of your heart what you want to do and own your decision.


But always remember that whatever it is that you are craving, it is a temporary wish, and it will pass! Your goals are more important and you CAN control your actions! You CAN control EVERYTHING you do with your body and your mind! It’s all up to you and what you truly want!


Hope that was helpful xxx
Let me know on the comments bellow what are some of your struggles with food.


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