Benefits of cold water showers


I know how hard it is to get into cold water, especially if is the morning time. I’ve always loved my hot showers, BUT I found out that cold showers are highly beneficial for our bodies.


And even thou they are difficult to do in the morning, if done properly can help you kickstart your day, feeling happy and energetic. I’ve tried myself for 1 month, and i’ve got to say, it really helped me waking up and feeling good.


These are a few benefits of cold showers:



  • Elimination of waste: Our lymphatic system helps remove cellular waste and helps protect our bodies from infections, but regularly becomes blocked by toxins, chemicals, and environmental effects. When our lymphatic system is blocked, dead cells and cell waste build up in the body. Therefore our immune system can’t work properly, and you’re more likely to catch a virus.As cold water hits the body, it responds by pumping blood more efficiently around the body. The arteries contract in the cold but then relax once warmed up. The constant movement helps to flush out the build-up of waste, meaning you will be less likely to get sick.


  • Healthy skin and hair: Hot water dries out your skin which is quite the opposite to what your skin needs.Jessica Krant, dermatologist affirms that ice-cold or lukewarm water can help our skin by preventing it from being stripped of its healthy natural oils too quickly.When it comes to haircare, cold showers can make hair appear shinier, stronger, and healthier by flattening hair follicles, and increasing their ability to grip the scalp.


  • Greater willpower and discipline: Cold temperatures help control your whole nervous system, making it far more resilient to anything unpleasant that comes your way.In fact, studies have shown that cold showers create a small amount of oxidative stress on your body. While large amounts of oxidative stress are bad, a small amount on a regular basis is good for you overall health. Your nervous system becomes used to the small levels of stress, which means it can handle those small amounts easily in other situations in life.


  • Speed up muscle recovery: that’s right! Cold showers are used by many professional and amateur athletes as a recovery technique.A quick cold shower after the gym can be effective in relieving delayed-onset muscle soreness caused by intensive exercise.


  • Better sleep: You might notice that falling sleep is way easier when your body temperature is lower. If you take a cold shower for at least 2 minutes, your body temperature, more specifically core temperature, will fall, triggering sleepiness.
  • Relieve depression symptoms: due to the intense impact of cold receptors in the skin, which send an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses to the brain. Thus, it produces an antidepressive effect, and boosts moods.Also, the cold temperature of the water stimulates a part of the brain called “the blue spot”, releasing more happy hormones into the body.


So who is going to try?

If you do, let me know your thoughts and how it affected you in the comments bellow!


Thanks for reading! xxxx

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