Top 3 beginner tips for working out

Your aim as a beginner should be to learn a few basic movements that you can master quickly. And then get stronger with those exercises. This will build such a solid foundation which is all you need to start with.

I will be very brief in this article because there is not need to complicate things.

This is what you have to do maximise your gains at the gym:


Number 1: Use compound exercises.

Your workout program should include a squat, a deadlift, a chin up variation, a pressing and a row movement. These big movements will effectively and efficiently hit every muscle in your body.

There is no need to isolate muscles when you are just starting. Plus these exercises will be burning more calories than isolated ones.


Number 2: Perform three total body workouts per week. 

This training frequency is not only manageable for most people, but it’s been proven to be effective for building strength and muscle. It’s also easier to track, to understand, and again, to build that solid foundation with the most important exercises.


Number 3: Improve performance every workout. 

You must do better than the last time you performed the same workout. Perform more reps with the same weight, or add more weight.

Don’t forget to track everything, write everything down so you know what you are mean to do for the next workout. Do that same program for at least 8 weeks, if you keep changing workouts every week, your body won’t have time to adjust, get better and stronger at the lifts.

Also, how can you measure progress without tracking anything? So write it all down.

If you follow these 3 tips, you’ll achieve excellent results in a really short time.


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