Why and How to Deadlift?

When I first started training, I hated deadlifts.


My trainer would tried teaching me to bend my knees, or focus on driving something from the floor and all I was thinking was: what does driving have to do with it? Lol! It was frustrating and I felt hopeless.


A few months later, my boyfriend explained the importance of deadlifts for overall strength and performance, So I decided to try again.


If you are curious why you should learn how to deadlift, here is a few reasons:

(1) If you can learn proper lifting mechanics with the barbell deadlift, you’ll be less likely to be injured when you pick up something heavy off the floor. (2) Being strong makes you more resilient and less prone to injury (3) deadlifting builds overall muscle mass and bone density and finally (4) it makes you a more capable human being.


My boy really emphasized the importance of mind to muscle connection. He taught me to feel which muscles were engaging throughout every movement.  Which helped me understand the motion better.


It hurt my forearms, my back felt weak, and because it was my man and not my trainer teaching me, I let loose on him or would try looking for pity “I can’t do it” or “I don’t like it … I HATE YOU” hahaha. But he would patiently look at me and say “It’s all in your mind, focus on what you have to do and try again, this is part of learning”


That mindset, “it’s normal to feel this way and I will get it if i keep trying” was enough to help drive my persistence and soon enough, I was lifting with finesse, and a decent amount of weight. I can’t quite explain how happy that made me feel. I felt strong, capable and proud of myself for being someone who doesn’t give up.


I always tell my clients not to get desperate. Honestly, I KNOW it’s an awkward movement at first. But if you breathe, and try again, and again, little by little you will make progress.

The same principle applies not only for deadlifts, but for every single exercise you are not comfortable with. Treat it as a challenge. If you have something you are not good at, don’t negatively think you can’t do it, because you can! It’s all a matter of practice and persistence.


Click here to see my my top PRO-TIPS to perform a deadlift with great posture. (Sumo deadlift).

And don’t give up. Let me know on the comments bellow what are your struggles when deadlifting.




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