11 Healthy Snacks for busy people

I know sometimes life gets really busy, running around all day, meeting up with people, chasing the kids, going to school and then straight after work, traveling for the weekend, going on vacation or sleeping over at the boyfriend’s house. Sometimes we don’t have time to cook and plan every single meal of the week, and then sit and eat calmly at the table. But you still have to eat, and that’s when you should always try prioritizing healthy food! Even if you are very busy.


I try as much as possible to stick to my healthy foods which I know can be very hard to find depending where I am.


If I know it’s going to be a busy day and I’ll be out and about, I always stuff my bag with 3 or 4 of the following snacks, so whenever I’m hungry I snack on these things instead of buying junk food in the wrong places at the wrong times.




Canned Tuna


Hard boiled eggs


Celery and Nut Butter


Raw veggies and Hummus


Plain Natural Yogurt


Fresh fruit


Nuts and Seeds


High protein bar (choose one with low sugar content). I only have this snack on occasion, whole-foods are much better for our body.


Protein shakes



Roasted Chickpeas



You can find most of these things in any convenience store, petrol station or airport shops, so there is no excuse for eating junk foods.


Besides that I also have my bottle of water with me whatever I go, to make sure I keep hydrated all the time.


Fun fact: Did you know that sometimes you think you are hungry, but you are actually thirsty?  When your body is dehydrated, it sends mixed signals to your brain and that’s why you think you are hungry. So keep sipping on your water throughout the day. You should be drinking at least 2 litres of water per day.


Being prepared and planning in advance can really help us stay on track and in line with our goals. There is nothing worse than being hungry, eating something as in impulse and regretting later.


To be healthy you need to change your lifestyle habits, not only your diet.


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